Website 0.3.0

Introducing my new website.

Hi there and welcome to my new website. This is an introductory blog post. Let me take through how this website has developed both technologically and from a design perspective.

Website 0.1.0 - Keep It Stupid Simple

Old Website
Draggable containers for great UX on mobile devices.

The initial version of this website was a little experiment. There was only one page with multiple draggable containers. It was a cool experiment but a there was to little content and on mobile, I had to disable interaction, otherwise the website would have been unusable on mobile devices. For the draggable containers if used a very simple implementation of drag and drop functionality. I didn’t use any library or framework.

Website 0.2.0 - Static Page Generation

Last Website
Static site generated with a simple Node.js script

For the next version of the website, I stuck with the container design of the previous version. At that time I was getting into creative coding and was experimenting a lot with JavaScript, WebGL, and the Web Audio API. I was also considering using a static site generator. After investigating a few Node.js-based generators I found using them too complicated so I abandoned the idea. Eventually, I wrote a simple Node.js script which generated one static site. I also used some JavaScript for lazy image loading.

Website 0.3.0 - Introducing Hugo

In the last 12 months, I got into a lot of topics like Arduino, 3D printing, and machine learning. In order to share my experiences and improve my writing and storytelling skills, I wanted to start a blog. The other day I sat down with a friend and colleague who also wants to start a blog and we took a look at Hugo, a blazingly fast static site generator written in Go. Suddenly things didn’t seem so complicated anymore. Eventually, I decided to give the blog another shot. In a few hours, I created this website using the beautiful Kube theme for Hugo. There’s still room for improvement but for now, I’m pretty happy with the website.

What’s next

I’ll kick off the blog soon with a post about Gitter, a node-based sequencer for the web. Stay tuned.

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