Things I am or have been working on.


A node-based sequencer for the web. Built with diagram-js and p5.sound.


Granular synthesis. Endless. Built with the Web Audio API.

Generative Music with Tone.js

Listen to generative music in the browser. Built with Tone.js and Tonal.js.

Array Access Artist Website

Artist website built with JavaScript and three.js.

Procedural Terrain (VR)

Procedural generation of terrain in VR done with JavaScript and A-Frame.

Procedural Terrain

Procedural generation of terrain using the midpoint displacement algorithm. Let's you create your own camera animations. Done with JavaScript and three.js.

3D Visuals with 2D Canvas

3D done with HTML5 2D canvas and JavaScript.

2D Visuals with 2D Canvas

A little creative coding experiment done with HTML5 and JavaScript.